We Specialise In EIA &
Post EIA Works

We strike a good balance between meeting your business’s individual environmental goals  and implementing environmental regulations at the facility level. Our consultancy is focused on reducing carbon footprint, thus we perform environmental audits with this cause in mind.

Our Services


Environmental Monitoring

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Ambient Noise/Boundary Noise Level Monitoring
  • Water/Groundwater Quality Monitoring and Analysis
  • Isokinetic Stack & Air Emission Monitoring
  • Dark Smoke Observation
  • Vibration Level Monitoring
  • Environmental/Legal Consultation
  • DOE Notification and Declaration
  • Carbon Footprint Reporting
  • Life Cycle Assessment

Occupational Safety & Health Monitoring

  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
  • Chemical Exposure Monitoring
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
  • Noise Risk Assessment ( NRA)
  • Heat Stresses Assessment
  • Lightning/Illumination Assessment Control Equipment
  • Occupational Safety and Health Trainings

Third-Party Laboratory Testing and Analysis

  • Water and Drinking/Wastewater Analysis
  • Food Analysis
  • Analysis of Waste Characterization
  • Total Characteristic Leachate Procedure (TCLP)
  • Banned Substances Analysis (Pesticides and Heavy Metals)
  • Soil & Sediment Analysis

ESH Services

  • Advisory service in the compliance to various Government Legislation.
  • Formulation of Safety Management System (SMS) for various industry types
  • Formulation and implementation of various Health, Safety & Environment training

  • Chemical Health & Risk Assessment (CHRA) Assessor
  • Registered Hygiene Technician 1; Chemical Exposure
  • Registered Hygiene Technician 2: LEV Assessment
  • Noise Monitoring Competent Officers
  • Safety Coordinators / Safety Supervisors
  • EHS Inspection & Audit Personnel
  • Various other technical personnels
  • Registered Safety Officers

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) / Signage